dog food

What we feed our fur-babies.


Thru the years.....


If only I could have back all the time and energy that I have put into wondering if I am feeding my dogs the best that I can. It is one of the hardest things feel comfortable about and I finally feel like I am there. My choice has landed me on 2 main food companies that offer many flavors and healthy supplements to ensure they are never bored and have all the supplements they need made with the highest quality.

I am currently transitioning between white fish recipe (Pawtree) and the Grain free All Life's Stages (Lifes Abundance).

Please let me know if you have any questions about a the products below.




Life's Abundance


The following are some great products that I have used. Let me know what you have used and your Puppies love.

This Bed was a GAME CHANGER!!! The basic bed and then the cover creates a great soft and comfortable place for a all the pups to sleep.  Then add in that its is WASHABLE!?!  Ok, not just washable, because LOTS of beds say that.  But KIND to my washer.  That is perfect.  I was spending so much on new beds.  Now I just get one with a cover to mach their personality OF COURSE!!  

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