Please print this out, initial and sign where indicated and email back to

Jonesing for a Doodle

Puppy Waiting List Request

Lexi and Simon 2018 – due July 21st

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________


Phone: _______________________________ Email: __________________________________________


________ (initial) I have read and agree with the Contract/Warranty as stated on the website: 

________ (initial) At this time I am #(please request number) on the Waiting List to pick my puppy.  This will be done at 6 weeks of age.  My desire is to pick out my puppy ____ in person ____ by video (facetime).

________ (Initial) At the time of choosing your puppy you will be required to place a $500.00 reservation fee.  This can be done by cash, certified check, personal check, or bank deposit if possible in your area. Final payment must be paid by cash, certified check, or bank deposit.

________ (Initial) I agree that this puppy will be part of our family and live indoors.

Please choose one of the following -

_____ I plan to pick up my puppy personally at 8 weeks

_____ I will want my puppy delivered to me if possible by Pet Currier and agree to pay the additional charges. 

_____ I plan to have my puppy flown to me using a pet nanny or personally fly in to pick the puppy up. (we will deliver the puppy to the Harrisburg, PA  airport)

The gender that I prefer is (choose one)                               ___ Male


                                                                                                   ___ No preference

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