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Warranty and Contract


This Contract is between Jonesing for a Doodle, hereafter known as seller and _______________________________________________, hereafter known as the buyer.


  • The dog being sold is as follows.

    1. Whelp date  _______________

    2. Sex  ______________

    3. Color at 7 weeks  __________

    4. Sire ________________________

    5. Dam  _______________________


  • The cost of the above dog is ______.  You have already paid the non-refundable application fee. Balance is due at 7 weeks or prior to shipping the puppy thru currier or airplane cabin.


  • The buyer has 5 days from the date of possession of the dog to have it examined by a licensed veterinarian. If the dog is not found to be in good health the buyer has the above mentioned 5 days to return the puppy to the seller.  A letter from the veterinarian listing the reasons the dog is not in good health must presented at time of return.

    1. Things not included are: incorrect placement of testicles, viral illnesses, infections, improper bites, hernias, hypoglycemia, worms, Guardia, or Coccidia.


  • The Seller provides a warranty against any debilitating genetic defects for 2 years from whelp date of ____________.

    1. Things included in the Warranty are genetic issues related to the hips, eyes, heart, elbows and those that are life threatening. In the case of hip or elbow issues OFA certificate is the only second opinion accepted.

    2. Documented first and second opinion and proof of any surgery costs are required for compensation. 

    3. Compensation will not exceed 50% of purchase price.

    4. In the case of death due to a documented genetic issue the seller agrees to replace the dog if it is less than 2 years old.


  • The buyer agrees to spay/neuter the dog within 9 months from whelping date.  Failure to spay/neuter the purchased dog will void the sellers responsibilities as outlined in this contract.


  • Seller does not guarantee that dog purchased will grow to be a specific size, color, or weight.  Seller does not guarantee that the dog purchased will be hypoallergenic.  Seller does not guarantee that the dog purchased will not shed or loose hair.


  • If at any time the buyer can no longer care for the dog the buyer agrees to return the dog to the seller.  No reimbursement is implied in this contract. The seller and buyer will work together to rehome the dog.


  • The buyer agrees that they will provide routine preventative care.  This includes routine yearly checkups that will include, but is not limited to, immunizations, heartworm prevention and flea and tic protection.  This dog is being purchased as a family pet and will be housed indoors. Goldendoodles require a lot of care and grooming. The buyer acknowledges the fact that routine grooming is an important part owning this dog.

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