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About 15 years ago I was walking in D.C. and saw the most gorgeous dog walking down the other side of the street.  While I loved dogs and had owned many different breeds throughout my life I had never laid eyes on a dog that I was so drawn to.  He was a cream standard Goldendoodle.  He was kind, majestic, and intelligent.

Flash forward to today.  Now I call 3 of these amazing dogs family.  I am committed to making sure that they are healthy and happy.  All 3 have their own personalities.  Just like my human children. :)  

At Jonesing for a Doodle we produce Petite, Medium and Standard Goldendoodles.  While we cant guarantee an actual weight we can give you an estimate based on the size of the parents and siblings.

It is our hope that you will find your next family member here at Jonesing for a Doodle. 

The Story Continues!

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